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Simmi’s readings are amazingly accurate, compassionate and intuitive. She puts her finger on the pulse of the situation and person, and startlingly, is able to sense and pre-empt questions and issues. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Her readings show not only her passion but a natural and authentic talent.

– Shameme

I have consulted Simmi regularly over the past six years on various personal and professional matters.  The responsiveness and accuracy of her readings have been empowering, reassuring and comforting.  She is gentle and creates a safe space where I can share my troubles without feeling judged.  She is always the first step in my journey as my go-to-intuitive when I need to better understand situations or make decisions.

– Nomi

Simmi is an intuitive, knowledgeable and honest tarot reader. I highly recommend Simmi for any questions/inquiries re: tarot readings.

– Pam

I have found the readings by Simmi to be insightful and inspiring. She is extremely considerate in delivery of the card messages even if they raise potential concerns. I have found the messages to contain useful interpretations and she is beneficial in sharing knowledge on how one can learn tarot.

– Van

Simmi’s reading was just spot on. The reading was accurate, honest, fair and detailed. I’d like to thank her for her generosity of spirit and caring nature. It is most appreciated.
– Shahan


Thank you very much Simmi. You hit the nail on the head.  You confirmed my gut feeling.  So now I have my answer.

– Koos

Simmi helped me by shining a light on the key issues. She helped me see my options more clearly.


This was a profound healing moment for me to let go of underlying patterns and choose to move forward. Seeing the big picture is liberating.

– Nokwanda

Simmi was on point with a number of events. She has a soft and gentle approach to understanding my own role in changing the course and how to get started.


I was super impressed. I was just trying tarot reading for the first time. I am normally the eternal sceptic but I am intrigued by the encouraging, positive stance that Simmi uses which is very practical and fair. I completely resonated with what was revealed during my session.

– Jenna



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