Cinderella Story

# Weekly Tarot Gauge – 26 February – 3 March 2017

# Weekly Tarot Gauge – 2 of Wands

2 of wands - Wildwood Tarot
2 of wands – Wildwood Tarot
2 of wands - Wildwood Tarot
2 of wands – Tetra Tarot

I found these 2 beautiful cards for the 2 of wands that accentuates different aspects of this  message. See how it compares to the more traditional image below:

Two_of_Wands - Rider Waite Deck
Two_of_Wands – Rider Waite Deck

This comparison makes a compelling argument for choosing a deck/s in line with what resonates most strongly with you.

This week focuses on duality, harmony, choices at the level of ideas, possibilities, options in your creative process.

You may be feeling discontent, restlessness or longing for an alternative to where you are.

The 2 of Wands is sometimes called the ‘Cinderella card’ as the energy can stimulate mammoth change. Miracles can transport you beyond current limitations. Receptivity is critical in transition.

Whether it is a project or a relationship, you need to reflect on the wide range of possibilities available to you. Think outside the box. Will conventional methods satisfy your needs?

Be driven by the impulse to move forward. Break it down into practical tasks and plans. Ground it in reality. You are receiving important insights from your environment on how to take your next steps.

This card is sometimes seen as always wanting more. Whilst it is important to always strive for better, it is also important to be grateful for how far you have come and for all that you have in your life.

This card indicates progressing to the next level. Optimise the doorways of opportunity.

Have a brilliant week.

Much love


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