#Weekly Tarot Gauge #23 – 29 April 2017 # Ace of Wands

#Weekly Tarot Gauge #23 – 29 April 2017 # Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands - The Willow Path Tarot
Ace of Wands – The Willow Path Tarot


Hi and Welcome to your Weekly Tarot Gauge:)

I’m on my way to Algiers today so I’m releasing next week’s Tarot Gauge a day early.

This week has been restful with the Easter Weekend. It has given us all a well-deserved pause from the usual crazy pace.

The coming week brings with it a new creative force and energy, even inspiration and impulse. It’s amazing what a little rest can do.

The Ace of Wands also offers new opportunties on an energetic plane. It is a sign for you to go ahead with an idea/project that you may be considering. You are required to make snap decisions to make changes.

There is something new that beckons your engagement. It could be a business venture, a creative project, an adventure.  There is opportunity for self-growth. You are required to harness and direct this new energy into something that you are passionate about.

You are the Captain of your Ship and Tarot is Your Guide.

Have a brilliant week.

Much love


Certified Tarot Reader

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