#Weekly Tarot Gauge : 19 – 25 March 2017

#Weekly Tarot Gauge – The Empress

Empress - Sacred India Tarot
Empress – Sacred India Tarot
The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot
The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot
3-The-Empress - Tarot Illuminati
3-The-Empress – Tarot Illuminati

A consecutive week of big universal energy, only this week in the form of the glorious Empress.

The Empress marks a time to take care of yourself. She denotes material wealth,luxury, harvest, fertility, abundance, growth, cultivation.

Do you need a break or a rest? Meditate or go on a holiday.

Do you need to cultivate a skill to advance your project? Take a course.

How do you take the next steps to grow your business? Get a mentor or get some advice.

The Empress is the ultimate energy of that ‘one door closes and another opens’. The key is to embrace it with your activities.

You are the captain of your ship, Tarot is your guide.

Have a brilliant week!

Much love


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