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Who amongst us has not had those dreaded moments when everything seems to be either exploding or imploding? At those moments we look for quick fixes and kitchen counter remedies to band aid the feelings and overwhelming emotions.

What if we could do something small everyday to maintain our own balance and sanity?

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Practicing meditation and yoga daily ( or closest to that) keeps us clear and centred.  It also gives us access to our highest potential, vitality, flexibility, perfect health, heightened awareness and our blissful selves.

I have been a meditator for over a decade. (Admittedly, faultered on the regularity at times…) But the distinction between the meditating mind and the monkey mind is all too clear.

‘Peace of mind at all cost ‘ –  with no harm to others should be our daily mantra.

I have found alternate nostril breathing to be the quickest way to settle my mind. But also a deep awareness of the incoming and outgoing breathe, can bring one to the present moment. The Art of Living Foundation runs courses all over the world to help people to manage their stress and optimise their abilities. It also offers yoga courses that enables us to be flexible on numerous levels. Please refer to the videos for better instruction.

In this initial post, I pay homage to my Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He has helped me go with the flow even when resisting has felt like the most instinctive thing to do. In the great words of Shrek, it’s like shedding layers of an onion. For a wide range of courses that allows us to connect deeply with ourselves and others, go to

Meet wonderful people and be a part of the One World Family!

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