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The Week Ahead: 5 – 11 February 2017

Evening Walks

This year I have been much more disciplined with walking in the evenings. I must admit that having my son as a walking partner has made a world of difference.

We watch the sun set, dodge the acrobatic bats swooping over, smell the dirt come out before garbage day…

We’re having great fun savoring that part of the day when we can unwind, chat, read to each other or listen to podcasts / audibles.

We’ve been chatting about starting up youtube channels for completely different reasons. This was one of my resolutions this year.

Two weeks ago I finally realised, that there was never going to be the right time til I created it. Despite long days at Conference, I decided to get my project in motion. Cape Town’s howling night wind in the background, overlayed by the music from my hotel room TV, I got cracking to make a start.

I decided everyone starts somewhere before they find their feet. I made about 3 short tarot videos that shows exactly how ‘green behind the ears’ I am with making and editing youtube videos. But I’m happy that i took that first step and I promise it will get better.

Please watch it and give me your honest feedback. It can only get better:)

The Week Ahead

High Priestess - Morgan Greer Tarot
High Priestess – Morgan Greer Tarot

There isn’t a nicer card to start of the week with, especially if you have started a new spiritual project.

The High Priestess focuses on our inner world. Are we taking care of our own well-being and the state of our mind and emotions?

She is a symbol of hard-earned knowledge and wisdom. Unconventional education.

There is still much going on under the radar that will be revealed in time, so one should not make hasty decisions this week.

She also urges you to trust your gut, especially if you have legitimate doubts. Trust your spritual gifts.

Be patient this week and be the observer.

Have a fabulous week

All the best

Simmi - business card – business card


The Week Ahead – 29 January – 4 February 2017

The Week Ahead

8_of_swords - Morgan Greer Tarot
8_of_swords – Morgan Greer Tarot


The recurring theme from last week is quite remarkable. Last week, we had a visit from the Devil, which is a major arcana reflecting life lessons beyond our control. This week, we see the 8 of swords that is a minor arcana that highlights how our entrapments are all within our control.

This week we should apply unconventional wisdom to push ourselves out of a situation that seems stuck.  How else can we remove self-sabotage, self-imposed limitations, blinkers?

If we look at this card closely, we see a castle behind the female figure. But she can’t see it because she has not removed the blind and ties that can be easily taken off. The swords around her can also be moved out of her way. She can use the swords to cut the loose ties off and free herself.

It requires an action. It requires a change in mindset. She is not as stuck as she thinks. The obstacles are within her control. Perceptions are misleading.

The castle represents a dream or goal, achievement, fulfilment, stability. How can you free yourself to get to the castle?






The Week Ahead : 22 – 28 January 2017

Practical Tarot

Tarot is an enabling tool for self-improvement. There is nothing insurmountable when we acknowledge our own responsibility in our lives.

Many people are addicted to playing the victim and life therefore reflects that pattern back. After all, life is a mirror. We need to be open enough to reflect on our own complicity in our lives.

It is not just  action but  inaction or a docile approach to life that requires contemplation.

If a tarot reader tells you that you are cursed or doomed, you need to be highly suspicious about the integrity of that reader.

It is possible to have a difficult period but it does pass. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same.

Using tarot for everyday guidance, raises your awareness and sharpens your attention and focus. A morning-noon-evening spread is a 3-card spread that helps you to learn the tarot faster but it also helps you to pre-empt the flow of your day. You are therefore more prepared to take on your day with the guidance of your guardian angels.

Each card can be read as an action that you need to take. This is a valuable way to constantly move forward with Tarot as your trusted bff.

The Week Ahead

The Devil - Morgan-Greer Tarot
The Devil – Morgan-Greer Tarot


Is it just me or do my fellow South Africans also see a springbok in this card?:)

For everyone’s ease of reference, here’s a springbok.


Tarot never fails to be relevant.

The Devil is one of those cards that people find scary or problematic but calm down it is just a picture on a card!

Some religions believe in the Devil and others don’t. I personally don’t believe. Each of us have a shadow self that plays to our darkest tendencies but even these are choices. We have free will. There are consequences to our actions.

The Devil is a symbol of our egos.

This week we need to ask ourselves whether we are allowing small-mindedness  to overcome our decisions. Are we overwhelmed by negative influences around us? Do our demons need to be tamed? What shackles us?  How can we loosen the grip and free ourselves?

The saying ‘ the devil may care’ springs to mind.  This card is also a sign that you are too serious and need to let your hair down and have some fun.

On that note, have a brilliant week. Embrace the spirit of fun!

Take care

Simmi - business card – business card

The Week Ahead : 15 – 21 January 2017

Tarot & Learning Resources

I believe in constant learning and growing. Therefore, I place a high premium on knowledge, education, books, youtube channels, reserach, mentors, experts. It is important to be the best at what you do at any given point whilst constantly sharpening the tools of your trade.

In tarot, although intuitive reading can never be undermined, as with most things, you need a strong foundation of exposure to tarot to build your confidence as a tarot reader.

There are a number of resources available on the world wide web. There are also new technologies where you can learn tarot cards through cellphone apps.

I would like to recommend a few tarot stalwarts, that have developed a tremendous amount of knowledge on tarot, including innovative, creative and expansive ways of using tarot for self-development, guidance and better decision-making. They have created a range of options to fine-tune the viusual langauge system that you will create for yourself.

They are Donnaleigh de LaRose, Theresa Reed, Marcus Katz, Inger Braathen-Moran, Catherine Chapman, Kelly-Anne Maddox. They have all been generous and gracious enough to make available free-online resources to demystify the practice and process of tarot reading.

There are certainly many more resources that you can get your hands on withoutlooking very far. But these champions would be a great start.

The Week Ahead

4 of Pentacles - Cat People Tarot
4 of Pentacles – Cat People Tarot

This card generally reflects material comfort and satisfaction. It is about stability and groundedness. I loved seeing this card come up in a reading for any area of life. But it soon became  evident in readings that as much as we crave material safety and predictability, there are also other aspects of life that we close ourselves off to when we focus on the narrow ways of achieving ends.

We need to be able to enjoy our environment, our loved ones and the wide array of opportunities there are to be a part of a bigger circle / community to enjoy the warmth and intimacy of belonging to something greater than comfort zones.

We should take  calculated risks to step outside the boundaries we create for ourselves.

Eye on Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is a lot of focus on love and relationships.

A tarot reading can give you valuable insite into what’s happening in this important area of your life.

Book a short tarot 15 minute reading for R100 to get your questions answered.

Wishing you a great week ahead.


Simmi - business card – business card