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The Week Ahead : 2 – 8 October 2016

Tarot and Colour

Colour generally elicits a certain instinctual response. Therefore, Tarot can be read at a visceral level without actually having learnt of the meaning of the cards. The patterns formed by dominant colours or combination of colours create meaning. Here are examples of how colours in the cards can be interpreted:

White            – purity, innocence, cleansing, peace

Yellow           – creativity, radiance, clarity, positivity, intellect

Red                 –  pleasure, passion, love, primal urges

Orange         – friendliness, harmony, inspiration, contentment

Green           – growth, healing, adventure, youth, nature, rejuvenate

Blue               – freedom, release, expansion, imagination, wide birth

Indigo           – fluidity, expression, emotion, adaptability, strength

Violet            –  spirituality, higher ground, highest good

Brown           – earthly, grounded, centred, practical, stable, nurturing

Grey             –  uncertainty, turbulence, temperamental, mystery

Black            –  precise, firm, force, traditional, formal, stable, dignity


Tarot Card of the Week

Three of Cups


This card is a symbol of celebration after a challenging time.

The commemoration of an achievement. The demonstration of celebration and gratitude for blessings in our lives, no matter how small, is important.

It is also the symbol of synergy within a group/team.

It is an excellent omen for forthcoming merriment.

Happiness is our natural state.

Find your tribe to celebrate with.


Learn Tarot





This card indicates that strength is required for the situation. The questioner has much more strength than they realise. This card reflects brute strength, physical stamina, courage, self-discipline, determination, staying power, mental and spiritual endurance

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 26 September – 1 October 2016

Tarot and Numerology

Zero is the number of potential or nothingness before manifesting. It represents possibilities, change, freedom and a new journey/direction.

One is a new beginning and correlates with the Aces. It represents a breakthrough, independence and courage.

Two is known as the Lord of Love. It represents balance, interaction, choices, duality, harmony and relationships.

Three reflects the Lord of Abundance. It symbolises creation, networking, social interaction, communication, family and fun.

Four is the Lord of Blended Pleasure. It is about structure and stability, a sense of belonging and possessions.

Five is Lord of loss in Pleasure. It is a number of challenge, change and crisis. The need to adapt and navigate.

Six is Lord of Pleasure. It is the aftermath of conflict. It is about sacrifice, karma, community, retrospection, balance, family, nurturing and journey.

Seven is Lord of Illusory Success. It is a spiritual number. A tension between will and self-control, repercussions of decisions, solitude, growth and lessons.

Eight is Lord of Abandoned Success. It is about achievement, advancement, renovation, organisation, influence and financial stability

Nine is Lord of Material Wealth. It reflects the completion of a cycle, test beliefs, patience, compassion, perfection, disengagement, transition and understanding.

Ten is Lord of Perfected Success. You are everything you need to chart your own course.

Tarot Card of the Week

The Empress


The Empress is a card of fertility, fruition, proliferation, creativity, boundless energy, sensuality and abundance. The week ahead promises opportunities for a creative and productive phase. This is a fertile period for ideas, projects and relationships.

This card encourages you to take care of yourself. This is a good time to pamper and spoil yourself.

Learn Tarot

 The Chariot




The Chariot denotes gaining control of self – a need for disciplining one’s weaknesses. One should reconcile one’s inner conflict. This is a card of travel, triumph, mastery, accomplishment, determination, conquest, a need to lead and victory.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 12- 19 September 2016

The Court Cards and the Myers-Briggs Method

Last week, we discussed the Tarot suits and linked each suit to zodiac signs. This week we are focussing on the Court cards in the tarot deck. The court cards are the people / personality cards. In the normal playing deck, you would have the Jack, Queen and King of each suit. The Tarot deck has the Page, Knight, Queen and King in each of the suits.

Most people find the court cards to be the most complex in readings. However, it is best to decide on your reading style and coupled with your gut feel that should give you a better inkling on how to read these cards. There is a lot of literature on the subject. It’s worth reading up on the different methods to find what resonates with you.

Seeing that this week’s Tarot Card of the Week is a court card, I thought it would be interesting to explore one aspect of these cards. For this, we are going to reference the Myers-Briggs Method. Jung’s four primary functions of thinking, feeling, intuition and sensation are likened to the four suits in the following manner:

Wands – intuition, cups – feeling, swords – thinking, pentacles – sensation.

The Myers-Briggs Method juxtaposes binary characteristics as follows:

Extraversion (E)      –        Introversion (I)

Intuition (N)             –         Sensation (S)

Thinking (T)            –         Feeling (F)

Judging (J)              –         Perceiving (P)

The Personality cards correlate with the Myers Briggs Method as follows:

ISTP   –        Page of Pentacles

INFP   –        Page of Cups

ISFP   –        Page of Wands

INTP   –        Page of Swords

ISTJ   –        Queen of Pentacles

INFJ   –        Queen of Cups

ISFJ   –        Queen of Wands

INTJ   –        Queen of Swords

ESTP –        Knight of Pentacles

ENFP –        Knight of Cups

ENTP –        Knight of Swords

ESTJ –        King of Pentacles

ENFJ –        King of Cups

ESFJ –        King of Wands

ENTJ –        King of Swords

It is very easy to find everyday people in your professional and personal life that resemble these personality traits. If the court cards come up in your readings, reflect on who they remind you of. That will give you a clue as to who is involved in the situation. This is only one way of looking at the court cards. Over time, we will look at other methods.

Who are you in the court cards?

Tarot Card of the Week

King of Pentacles


The King of Pentacles represents an authority figure who works hard for business success. This week your focus should be on your goals in your career as well as financial stability. You may want to focus on being influential in your social circles. You will reap the benefits of a pragmatic and steadfast approach.

The King of Pentacles is traditionally known as the ‘Midas’ card. King Midas became wealthy but this did not give him complete fulfilment. You are therefore asked to ensure work-life balance.

Being a court card, the King of Pentacles embodies the personality traits of ESTJ (see Myers-Briggs method above). He is down to earth, powerful, wealthy, ambitious and has a successful business mind. A person of this nature may enter your life this week or alternatively, you may need to bring these qualities into your own way of life to achieve the goals you are longing for.

He reflects security, control, power, discipline and abundance.

Learn Tarot

 The Lovers



 This card popularly signifies the joining of two lovers, marriage, an agreement, friendship, strong emotional bond, ‘ a working partnership’, a reconciliation, joining of forces, attraction, love, union, virtue, harmony, choice, moral strength, responsibility, optimism, creativity, beginning, openness, a soulmate, beauty or trials surmounted. It can indicate a difficult decision that requires sacrifice.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 12- 19 September 2016

Tarot and the Four Suits

 The tarot deck comprises Major and Minor Arcanas. The Major Arcana are life lessons. These are the card meanings that we have started uncovering under the section below, Learn Tarot. The Minor arcana are regarded as daily activities that are within our control. These are also called pip cards. These comprise 4 suits similar to playing cards, namely; cups, pentacles, wands and swords. Each suit carries different meanings coupled with its numerology and images.

The four suits are as follows:

The Wands (fire element) – Masculine energy – to dare, courage to grow, passion, creativity, desire, ideas, career, self-expression, impulse, lust for life, inspiration, adjusting to situation, facing the unknown, action, behaviour

The Wands correlate with zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The Swords (air element) – Masculine energy – to know, communication, courage, aggression, enthusiasm, strategy, studying, conflict, knowledge, mental clarity, decisions, perspective, objectivity, power of mind, learning, questioning, internal battles, change, struggle, understanding, direction, ambition, intellect

The Swords correlate with the zodiac signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius

The Cups (water element) – feminine energy – to will, emotion, vibrations, vulnerability, love, relationships, depth, unconscious, romance, happiness, psychic abilities, spiritual connection, intuition, feelings, healing, self love, harmony, adaptability, be conscious of what distracts you.

The Cups correlate with the zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.

The Pentacles (earth element) – feminine energy – to keep silent (inner stillness), ability to receive, experience life through 5 senses, health, tangible, practical, manifest, plant seeds, putting down roots, sensuality, grounded, ambition, material world, foundation, outcome.

The Pentacles correlate with zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo

Tarot Card of the Week

The Sun


A positive card that reflects success in endeavours. Pleasure in life and joy of existence. Enlightenment, clarity,goodness, love, contentment, satisfaction, sincerity, glory, riches, achievement, natural, sunrise, awareness, happiness, good things in life. Let your inner-child feel safe to shine.

How do you allow yourself to shine this week? It is always time to shine.

Learn Tarot

 The Hierophant




The Hierophant is an easy symbol to identify with. He mainly represents traditional knowledge. Spiritual teaching, understanding and aspiration. He is a teacher or a guide. He is a guru, a counsellor, an educator. He is more than the traditional priest figure but he does represent orthodox and conventional learning and methods. The card guides you to your journey of growth and change towards your highest self.

He can signal the presence or absence of truth and honest dealings in any situation.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 5 – 11 September 2016

Choosing a Tarot Deck

 Your tarot deck is one of the most important investments you will make in your own personal transformation or as a tool to assist others with navigating critical moments in their lives. It is therefore important to consider the following principles:

All tarot decks contain universal messaging. It you would like a deck that is more culturally oriented, it is not difficult to find.

  1. You will spend a lot of time with your deck so it’s important that you feel excited, comfortable and secure with the deck you pick. You should feel drawn to your deck. Pick a deck that’s fun for you. Do you want something traditional or modern? What colours and images appeal to you? Traditional or modern?
  2. Buying decks online or in a second-hand store is cheaper. You can always clear and cleanse an old deck.
  3. Research what decks are available online before you decide as there is a wide range. The internet gives you the opportunity to look at the entire deck to make sure that you are happy with what you see.
  4. The Rider-Waite deck is probably one of the most popular decks with unlimited resources to help you learn meanings and interpretations as the basis for tarot education. All other decks will conform to these basic roots but have its own unique twist in interpretation.
  5. The basic deck has 78 cards with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards divided into 4 suits.
  6. Make sure you follow the instructions in the deck on how the clear your cards for readings.

Tarot Card of the Week

6 of Cups

Six of Cups - Hanson- Roberts Deck
Six of Cups – Hanson- Roberts Deck

The Six of Cups depicts 2 children who are likely to be family. They are surrounded by flower pots and a home environment. It reflects a possible reunion with someone from the past. Perhaps a familiar figure will cross your path this week. It also reflects a feeling of  nostalgia. You may think that life was better and simpler in the past.

This card asks you to strengthen your support circles of friends or family. You are  also asked to see things as they are. If you are yearning for the past, make peace with where you are and be practical and realistic about your next steps.

Learn Tarot

 The Emperor

The Emperor - Mystical Cat Tarot
The Emperor – Mystical Cat Tarot

The Emperor is a symbol of experience, wisdom, leadership, authority, structure, solid foundation and order. He is a ruler and is very strategic. He can be overly rigid in his rule. He is an indicator of success, promotion, affluence, a male figure in a senior position or a father.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 29 August – 4 September 2016

Tarot and Psychic Protection

Most tarot readers are empaths, which means they are emotionally sensitive. The tarot reading itself can leave the tarot reader feeling completely drained. There may be an exchange of energy between the reader and the querrent that leaves the reader feeling depleted as clients carry different types of energies. This is an indication that the reader is taking on more than they should.

This can happen to the toughest Tarot readers. Taking care of yourself is essential.

The most effective way of protecting yourself is to :

  • say a prayer in preparation for each reading.
  • light a white candle and visualize a bubble of white light or a ring of fire around you that protects you during each reading.
  • use a crystal quartz crystal that clears all negative energy. Make sure to clear your crystal regularly by leaving it out in moonlight or sunlight.
  • call upon Archangel Michael to protect you and guide you during each reading.
  • use meditations that help you to connect to your higher self while grounding you at the same time.
  • cleanse chakras regularly
  • take regular salt baths
  • wear an amulet for protection.

Ensure that you have firm boundaries with your clients that protect you, for example, time limits and nature of questions.

If you find that there are certain clients that are not a good match for you, then recommend other readers to them.

Tarot Card of the Week

Ace of Swords

Rider Waite Radiant deck - Ace of Sword
Rider Waite Radiant deck – Ace of Sword


The Ace of Swords shows a hand, cloaked in white, holding an upright sword, symbolic of the mind and the intellect. At the tip of the sword is a wreath, indicating success and victory, and a crown, reflecting mental clarity and influence. However, the barren, rocky landscape below the sword reflects the tough and cold nature of intellect.

The Ace of Swords commonly denotes an ace up your sleeve to overcome a problem or obstacle. It also reflects the need for clear and strategic communication. It is a representation of mental force. When you are clear on your course of action, then stay the course.

Be observant of new thoughts and ideas that will yield benefits or profits for you.

Learn Tarot

The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot
The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot

The Empress

The Empress is the archetypal Earth Mother, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity, fertility, art, harmony, luxury, beauty and grace.

The Empress wears a sphere of stars on her head, showing her connection with the mystical realm. There are symbols of lush growth and harvest that abounds her to indicate a time of fertility and creativity.

This is a fertile period for ideas, projects, procreation, expansion, relationships, abundance and prosperity. This is a time to promote and nurture growth. She is also a symbol on sensuality and sexuality. This card is a good omen for marriage or new relationships.

In terms of directional aspecting, she is looking forward to bearing the fruit of her efforts.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 22 – 28 August 2016

Timing Technique

The timeframe of an event in a tarot reading is a frequently asked question, even though there are no absolutes. Methods for interpreting time are an important skill for a reader to have.

One simple way to determine timeframe uses just the four Aces. The Aces represent the root force of the powers of the elements, and time sequencing refers to the quality and pace of elements. So, fire (Wands) represent days, air (Swords) represents weeks, water (Cups) represents months, and the slowest earth (Pentacles) would represent a year or more.

The four Aces are also each assigned to a season – Wands (Spring), Cups (Summer), Swords (Autumn) and Pentacles (Winter).

Alternatively, a timing tarot spread can be used. Look at Living Tarot’s YoutubeVideo on Video Page or

It is important to try out different methods to see what works for you.

Tarot Card of the Week

Eight of Cups

8 of cups
8 of cups

The Eight of Cups guides us to reflect on what does not serve us anymore. What can we let go of and walk away from? Often we invest a great deal of ourselves into projects, situations or people but do not see a return on investment or even a reasonable progress or some sign that things will change. It does not feel worth the effort. As a result, you may be prepared to walk away and pursue something else. Are you where you had planned to be? What action can you take to get there? Move towards your dreams and goals. Pleasing others should not be your driving force. Sometimes we get stuck in the run of the mill and forget ourselves. Be true to yourself. There’s no need for radical action. Be pragmatic in how you plan on changing course.

Learn Tarot

The High Priestess

Morgan Greer Deck
Morgan Greer Deck

The High Priestess is assigned the number 2. 2 symbolises duality and balance.

The High Priestess is mysterious and mystical. She indicates that the situation will still unravel, at a pace that she thinks you need. She is guiding you not to act or make decisions in a haste. There is hidden knowledge yet to be revealed. Hidden agendas will come to light. Be patient.

This card is about secrets. Make sure that you confide in trustworthy people. If someone tells you their secret, then take it to the grave.

She also encourages you to trust your instinct. Got a hunch about something? Go with your gut.

She asks you to focus inward to find your truth. She will help you reveal your strengths.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tarot is a guide. You are the Master.

Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 15 – 21 August 2016

I almost did not get this blog out due to competing pressures of assignments and work. Sjoe! That would have broken the rhythm. I’m glad that I could balance it all THIS time.

The blog is still taking shape. As you would have noticed, it is very homemade and authentic.

This weekend, my son and I made tarot boards. It was a spontaneous 1 day project. It’s still drying out on the wintry grass:)

Tarot reading boards
Tarot reading boards

We often find ourselves playing tarot on the sofa and it would be so much cosier to have a flat surface on our laps.

It was very simple and we love getting our hands dirty. We used offcuts of wood from previous projects. The dimensions were 60cm (l) x 40 cm (b) x 2 cm (h). You can choose your own size.

Then we painted it pretty colours. Mine is the lavender one. He loves red. We had spare drawer handles lying around that gave it the perfect finish. I’m still thinking about wood burning designs.

It does look a bit like a cutting board but that’s how simple it is. Just personalise it.

This is a really cool idea for readings in the park, beach, mountain or any informal venue.

Tarot Card of the Week

Six of Wands

Six of Swords - Radiant Tarot
Six of Wands – Radiant Tarot

The number six is associated with the Lord of Pleasure. Six is about the aftermath of the conflict, commitment, responsibility, leadership, ambition, means to an end, taking the higher ground, harmony, balance, interchange, accomplishment, advancement, communication and symmetry.

This card generally refers to a promotion, recognition or reward. There is a hard earned victory. Difficulties are resolved. There is great news this week. You will have a successful meeting. It is a card of encouragement and success. Leaders communicate clearly and compassionately.

Believe in yourself.

What is it that you need to let go of?


Learn Tarot

The Magician

The Magician - Gilded Tarot
The Magician – Gilded Tarot

Your dreams and goals are in your hands. All that you need to manifest is already at your disposal. Choose wisely and direct your attention and intention. It requires focussed will power. You need to have confidence in your skills and abilities. You awareness is heightened.

There is a new opportunity to demonstrate originality and inventiveness. Be bold and dynamic. Capitalise on intuition, imagination, creative and communication skills.

This card is a sign to act now provided you are committed to your goal. The Magician tends to make things happen.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 8 – 14 August 2016

The results of the Municipal Elections in South Africa bears testimony to our dynamic democracy.

The 9th of August is celebrated as our National Women’s Day. The 8th of March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day.

Can you imagine a world where women in leadership positions reflected the demography of the country? – actual positions of decision-making in the public and private spheres. Can you imagine a world where women are not conflicted between raising her family and having a career? Are we held up to higher standards than men?

Are we raising our daughter and sons to be dynamic leaders and citizens equally?

When we climb up the ladder, do we enable other women to follow or do we throw away the ladder?

As a single mother, I have been fortunate to have supportive bosses. Being a single mother in SA is a common experience, how do we respond to this social norm?

What role does business have in creating an enabling environment for working mothers?

Women and children experience the greatest brunt of poverty and inequality. STATS SA highlighted that irrespective of household size, female-headed households were more likely than male-headed households to have no employed person in the household. The economic gap must be addressed.

Sexual and reproductive health rights has always been a critical priority for women. HIV is on the increase, mainly among young women. I listen to stories about Mavuso stokvel and wonder what is the role of men in women empowerment?

Gender transformation is widely nuanced. Society is diverse. We live in exciting times where we are free to express ourselves without fearing discrimination and prejudice. Given our vibrant democracy, what role does society have in embracing individuality and promoting equality?

Tarot Card of the Week

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles denotes divine gift of power and practical application in physical matters. It reflects accomplishment in areas of home, business, career or anywhere we need stability. It can also point to a new opportunity for enterprise.

Good news about money may be forthcoming. If you’re thinking about changing jobs, this a good sign.

Learn Tarot

For those of you interested in learning tarot, buy yourself a deck and follow along.

This is a segment that will teach you the  basic tarot card meanings. The tarot deck contains 78 cards. There are 22 Major Arcana, 4 Aces, 36 Pip cards and 16 Court Cards.  Please note that Tarot reversals are not covered here.

 The Fool

The Fool - Rider Waite
The Fool – Rider Waite

The Tarot system is multi-layered as a visual language of inner experience.

The Fool is the first Major Arcana. The Major Arcanas reflect life lessons that are like destiny cards (karma). You will need to embrace the lesson if you want to move forward.

Zero symbolises the space before manifesting (the unborn spirit), nothing and everything. No beginning and no end.

The Fool represents a new beginning, something new, a fresh start, a new direction. It requires blind faith to take a risk. Be open to receive. Change is unchanging. The Fool is free-spirited. The Fool can imply a new journey or a change in attitude that is required. He represents spontaneity, fun, surprise and untapped potential.

The Fool does not overthink things. Perhaps, you are starting something new without much knowledge or foresight.

It is important to read cards in conjunction with the surrounding cards in a spread.

Although, the Fool is depicted as a young man, it applies equally to women. In fact all the tarot cards are not necessarily gender specific, it mainly reflects types of energy.

The Fool asks you to be in the present moment.

Ask yourself whether you are following your dreams and passions?

Please leave comments and share your thoughts. What is your interpretation.

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The Week Ahead: 1 – 7 August 2016

Happy Sunday and welcome to my weekly blog that looks at the week ahead with some odds and ends.

What stands out for this week is the Municipal Elections in South Africa on the Wednesday, 3rd August 2016.  Exercising your right to vote makes a difference. Who you vote for is your prerogative but voting is the strongest form of individual activism. Make your mark!

I hope it will go off safely and without a hitch.

Tarot Card of the Week

5 of swords


There may be feelings of frustration even to a point of feeling defeated. You are guided to choose your battles. Keep your attitude in check.

It is also possible to win against all odds. The art of compromising requires open and clear communication on a consistent basis.

Odds & ends

Demystifying Practical Astrology

Admittedly, I only know the basics of astrology as it relates to me. I was having my cell phone fixed at the shop and the owner shared a fabulous resource that may be of use to those who want to learn more. I love learning all sorts of things and I’m always happy to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Upfront thanks to Faisel and

Sunday is the day of the Sun; Monday, the Moon; Tuesday, Mars; Wednesday, Mercury; Thursday, Jupiter; Friday, Venus; and Saturday, Saturn.

The first “hour” of each day is given to the planet ruling the day. The remaining hours followed in the so-called “Chaldean order” of ancient Babylon. 

The planetary hours are traditionally used in choosing suitable times to initiate activities such but not limited to prayers and rituals. The following list shows the types of activities traditionally preferred by each planet:

Sun Hours:

General success and recognition; spiritual illumination; decisiveness, vitality; activities requiring courage or a mood of self-certainty – making big decisions, scheduling meetings for reaching decisions, giving speeches, launching new projects; seeking favours from father, husband, boss, authorities.  Beneficial for those pursuits which are aimed at gaining influence in society, fame, high prestige, as also for gaining confidence and self-reliance. Good time for applying to superiors or any important people, for example to talk about a career advancement. It is also an appropriate time to advertise, to make a presentation, to speak to a big audience.

Venus Hours:

Love; friendship; artistic and social success; enjoyable, sociable and aesthetic activities such as parties, social gatherings, recitals / exhibitions, weddings, visits, dating and seeking romance; planting ornamentals; buying gifts, clothing, luxuries; beauty treatments; seeking favours from women.  Good time for any meetings and acquaintances, but especially for dating or asking someone out. Beneficial hour for amusements, entertainment, having a party, going to a cinema or theatre, to buy fashionable clothes or jewellery. Mutual sympathy between people is enhanced, which helps to find a compromise, to restore a broken relationship. Artists, painters, musicians can feel an inspiration in this hour.

Mercury Hours:

Success in studies / communications; children; making a good impression; routine activities and activities needing clear communications; teaching / learning; important business letters / phone calls; meetings to develop or communicate ideas; buying / selling; routine shopping, errands, travel; job applications / interviews; seeking favours from neighbours, co-workers. Beneficial time for any intellectual activity, including study, teaching, research, taking exams, as also everything connected to receiving transferring or using any kind of information. Mercury enhances dexterity and resourcefulness, patronizes traders, but also thieves. Good time to start a short trip, to write a letter or report, to program, to chat, to send mail.

Moon Hours: 

Health; home (buying home, moving); journeys / vacationing (time of leaving home or take off); activities remote in time or space – meditation, making reservations, finding lost objects or people; planting food crops; hiring employees; seeking favours from mother, wife, employees. Beneficial time for cooking, having a meal, and also for washing, cleaning and other household chores. Good time for dealing with women, family meetings, nursing babies. Activities which were started in the Moon Hour will be prone to changes, dependent on people’s moods and emotions, so it is generally not advised to start anything of importance at this time.

Saturn Hours: 

Discipline and patience; giving up bad habits; overcoming obstacles; success with difficult tasks or difficult people; projects of long duration – breaking ground, laying foundations; planting perennials; treating chronic illness; making repairs; seeking favours from older people (not relatives) or difficult people. It is the time for those occupations and beginnings which require significant time, patience, concentration and perseverance, as also everything related to land and immovable property. It is not advised to start a journey at this time or to borrow money as in both cases delays and disappointments may spoil the matter. Good time to ask an advice of the elders, to cool down passions, to have a sober glance on the state of the matters, to get rid of a bad habit.

Jupiter Hours: 

Wisdom, optimism; money (borrowing / lending/ investing / earning / winning); activities necessitating enthusiasm; buying lottery tickets; seeking advice / consultation; settling disputes; seeking favours from grandparents, aunts and uncles, advisers (doctors, lawyers, accountants, astrologers). Beneficial hour for most affairs, especially those which promote richness, success and prosperity. Jupiter helps to accelerate development, widen the horizon, and increase the level of understanding. Good time for social meetings, applying for benefits, sponsorship, dealing with rich, influential people, for the start of a journey, philosophical discussions and religious ceremonies.

Mars Hours: 

Courage, adventure; enforcing your will; success with drastic action (lawsuits, conflicts, going to war, surgery); sports, exercises; risk-taking; making complaints; firing employees; seeking favours of husband or boyfriend. The time for increased activity, for those pursuits which require determination, courage, physical efforts, for sport, for work with fire or sharp instruments. Sexuality is enhanced, but also the probability of a conflict is higher than usual. The best hour to attack enemies or to challenge competitors.

For example,

A man should ask a woman out on a date during a Venus hour; a woman should ask a man out on a date during a Mars hour; one should ask one’s boss for a favour during a sun hour; money should be invested during a Jupiter hour; medical treatments should commence under a moon hour (except surgery should commence under a Mars hour); and so on.

The rule is quite simple: the planet that rules the day and the hour promotes those activities which are in tune with its principle and can impede those activities which are of the opposite nature.

Google “astrology hours Pretoria” or city you live in instead of Pretoria to get astrology hours relevant to your location.

Planetary Hours EET (GMT+2) at 25S45 28E11 Pretoria, South Africa

2016 Sunday 7-24 Monday 7-25 Tuesday 7-26 Wednesday 7-27 Thursday 7-28 Friday 7-29 Saturday 7-30
Sunrise  6:50am Sun  6:49am Moon  6:49am Mars  6:48am Mercury  6:48am Jupiter  6:47am Venus  6:47am Saturn
   7:44am Venus  7:43am Saturn  7:43am Sun  7:42am Moon  7:42am Mars  7:42am Mercury  7:41am Jupiter
   8:38am Mercury  8:37am Jupiter  8:37am Venus  8:37am Saturn  8:36am Sun  8:36am Moon  8:36am Mars
   9:32am Moon  9:31am Mars  9:31am Mercury  9:31am Jupiter  9:31am Venus  9:30am Saturn  9:30am Sun
  10:26am Saturn 10:26am Sun 10:25am Moon 10:25am Mars 10:25am Mercury 10:25am Jupiter 10:25am Venus
  11:20am Jupiter 11:20am Venus 11:20am Saturn 11:20am Sun 11:19am Moon 11:19am Mars 11:19am Mercury
  12:14pm Mars 12:14pm Mercury 12:14pm Jupiter 12:14pm Venus 12:14pm Saturn 12:14pm Sun 12:14pm Moon
   1:08pm Sun  1:08pm Moon  1:08pm Mars  1:08pm Mercury  1:08pm Jupiter  1:08pm Venus  1:08pm Saturn
   2:02pm Venus  2:02pm Saturn  2:02pm Sun  2:02pm Moon  2:03pm Mars  2:03pm Mercury  2:03pm Jupiter
   2:56pm Mercury  2:56pm Jupiter  2:56pm Venus  2:57pm Saturn  2:57pm Sun  2:57pm Moon  2:57pm Mars
   3:50pm Moon  3:50pm Mars  3:51pm Mercury  3:51pm Jupiter  3:51pm Venus  3:52pm Saturn  3:52pm Sun
   4:44pm Saturn  4:44pm Sun  4:45pm Moon  4:45pm Mars  4:46pm Mercury  4:46pm Jupiter  4:46pm Venus
Sunset  5:38pm Jupiter  5:39pm Venus  5:39pm Saturn  5:40pm Sun  5:40pm Moon  5:40pm Mars  5:41pm Mercury
   6:44pm Mars  6:44pm Mercury  6:45pm Jupiter  6:45pm Venus  6:46pm Saturn  6:46pm Sun  6:46pm Moon
   7:50pm Sun  7:50pm Moon  7:51pm Mars  7:51pm Mercury  7:51pm Jupiter  7:51pm Venus  7:52pm Saturn
   8:56pm Venus  8:56pm Saturn  8:56pm Sun  8:57pm Moon  8:57pm Mars  8:57pm Mercury  8:57pm Jupiter
  10:02pm Mercury 10:02pm Jupiter 10:02pm Venus 10:02pm Saturn 10:02pm Sun 10:03pm Moon 10:03pm Mars
  11:08pm Moon 11:08pm Mars 11:08pm Mercury 11:08pm Jupiter 11:08pm Venus 11:08pm Saturn 11:08pm Sun
  12:14am Saturn 12:14am Sun 12:14am Moon 12:14am Mars 12:14am Mercury 12:14am Jupiter 12:13am Venus
   1:20am Jupiter  1:19am Venus  1:19am Saturn  1:19am Sun  1:19am Moon  1:19am Mars  1:19am Mercury
   2:25am Mars  2:25am Mercury  2:25am Jupiter  2:25am Venus  2:25am Saturn  2:25am Sun  2:24am Moon
   3:31am Sun  3:31am Moon  3:31am Mars  3:31am Mercury  3:30am Jupiter  3:30am Venus  3:30am Saturn
   4:37am Venus  4:37am Saturn  4:37am Sun  4:36am Moon  4:36am Mars  4:36am Mercury  4:35am Jupiter
   5:43am Mercury  5:43am Jupiter  5:42am Venus  5:42am Saturn  5:42am Sun  5:41am Moon  5:41am Mars

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