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#Weekly Tarot Gauge : 19 – 25 March 2017

#Weekly Tarot Gauge – The Empress

Empress - Sacred India Tarot
Empress – Sacred India Tarot
The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot
The Empress-tabula-mundi-tarot
3-The-Empress - Tarot Illuminati
3-The-Empress – Tarot Illuminati

A consecutive week of big universal energy, only this week in the form of the glorious Empress.

The Empress marks a time to take care of yourself. She denotes material wealth,luxury, harvest, fertility, abundance, growth, cultivation.

Do you need a break or a rest? Meditate or go on a holiday.

Do you need to cultivate a skill to advance your project? Take a course.

How do you take the next steps to grow your business? Get a mentor or get some advice.

The Empress is the ultimate energy of that ‘one door closes and another opens’. The key is to embrace it with your activities.

You are the captain of your ship, Tarot is your guide.

Have a brilliant week!

Much love

Simmi - business card – business card

#Weekly Tarot Gauge : 12 – 18 March 2017

# Weekly Tarot Gauge – The Sun

Sun - Sacred India Tarot
Sun – Sacred India Tarot
Sun - Lisa de St. Croix
Sun – Lisa de St. Croix

Our guidance for the coming week comes from the Sun. The light is one of the most positive cards in the tarot deck.

The Sun symbolises warmth, illumination, life, growth, clarity, focus, confidence,  joy, happiness, recognition, success, awareness, renewal, triumph and radiance.

Let your talents shine through.

Perhaps light is shed in your situation which makes the next steps easier.

Shake of the heaviness or darkness. This card denotes positive outcomes.

Like attracts like.

You are the captain of your ship, Tarot is your guide.

Have a brilliant week.

Much love

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#Weekly Tarot Gauge : 5 – 11 March 2017

# Weekly Tarot Gauge – Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands - Sacred India Tarot
Queen of Wands – Sacred India Tarot
Queen of Wands -Winona Cookie Illustration
Queen of Wands -Winona Cookie Illustration
Queen of Wands - Morgan Greer
Queen of Wands – Morgan Greer

” It is the very same fire that you see in the most brightly shining of souls: it radiates out from them , flowing into the world around them , and it is so enticing and hypnotic that everyone is in awe of them. Their movements, their words, their very being is as beautiful as a dancing flame.” –  Kim Huggens

The Queen of Wands emerges as the dominant force this week. A card from the Wands suit for a consecutive week. Wands is about building, creating and establishing.

This is a firy, passionate, confident, creative and social card. She is nurturing, gracious, virtuous, influential. She is in control and is enjoying the attention she has garnered to serve her goals. She is entrepreneurial and builds networks that will support her undertakings.

Are you going out enough? Are you reaching out beyond your comfort zone?  Are you doing the things that inspire you? Are you connecting with the people that nurture your soul? Are you letting your light shine?

Although the Tarot court cards have Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages, the messages apply equally to men and women.

Have a brillaint week.

Much love


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#Weekly Tarot Gauge : 12 – 18 February 2017

7 of Wands Universal-Goddess- Tarot
7 of Wands Universal-Goddess- Tarot

This week you are urged to stand up for your values and principles. This need not be an outright battle. We are presented with opportunities to rise above the circumstances by electing an emotionally intelligent approach that harnesses our strengths.

It is important to be aware of the positions that you are taking in situations. Is it serving your highest best? Will it further the best outcome?

Be firm in your resolve especially in relation to the bullies we encounter. The universe supports you.

This is an interesting card for a week that celebrates love with the heavily commercialised Valentine’s Day.

Are you defending your love? Are you fighting to be loved? Are you afraid of being hurt by love?

Love is a basic need. No one is meant to be alone. There are more than 7 billion people in the world offering you different types of love. Make the circle bigger. Loving is a strength. Let love be victorious.

Have a brilliant week.

Love and Light

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The Week Ahead : 8 – 14 January 2017

Tarot Reversals

Reversed Ace of Cups
Reversed Ace of Cups

The term ‘Tarot reversals’ is simply referencing tarot cards that fall in the reversed /southward facing direction.

Most well-read tarot readers will acknowledge that Mary K. Greer is a legend in the area of Tarot Reversals. In fact she authored a book called The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals which provides a wide range of interpretations. Given that interpretations are fairly organic and fluid, one need not limit oneself to the card meanings in the book.

When a card lands in a upward direction then the meaning is generally optimised and seen as positive. But when it lands in the opposite direction, then it can be read in 6 ways as follows:

  1. Delay
  2. Diminution
  3. Direct opposite
  4. Shadow side
  5. Directional change
  6. Inner work is required

Tarot tradition dictates that there is no ‘one way’ of reading tarot. Not all tarot readers read reversed cards. This is perfectly acceptable as readers are able to draw upon their gift of intuition to express the messages they are channelling accurately.

It is important to clearly decide on the language system that you are using so that you do not confuse the reading with too many possibilities. Decide on how the cards speak to you.

You can rectify the presence od a reversal in a situation by heightening your awareness and correcting your attitude and choices. Your desire and commitment to changing the outcome can change events.

The Week Ahead

3 of Wands - Fey Tarot
3 of Wands – Fey Tarot

Many of us return to work in the coming week. The 3 of Wands is particularly apt in the context of the determination and intensity of dynamic energy that you will return to work with.

There is a reflection on where you are going and how you will get there. There is a strong desire to build, grow, move ahead, travel, discover, attract more resources, elevate projects to the next level, find new opportunities.

Be bold and courageous but not rash.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

All the best

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The Week Ahead : 1 – 7 January 2017

Welcome to 2017!!!

Wishing you gigantic love, happiness, fun, health, success and inner discovery:)
May your cup be ever-flowing, may your sword cut to the truth, may your wand channel your greatest dreams into reality and may your pentacles provide you with all the resources to realise your highest self:)

But first…. May you rest deeply, heal completely and replenish your soul in the remaining holidays.

As we move ahead, we release all that does not serve our highest good – the bad habits, procrastination, unsupportive friends, unhealthy boundaries, self-limitations, worries, fears and anxieties.

In the same way that we can’t endlessly laugh at the same jokes, we also can’t endlessly fixate on what went ‘wrong’. There is an opportunity to evolve and do things better.

The surge of new creative energy is infectious. This is an opportunity to renew or ignite commitments, passions and ideas. It is time to optimise this wave of change and use this momentum to move in your desired direction.

I have resolved to produce a series of short videos to demystify tarot for new tarot enthusiasts. I am excited about this creative project. It takes me back to my years as a drama & film student. I loved the adrenalin of live performances and creating original works of art.

Now, getting to the business of tarot guidance, what can we expect for 2017?

In numerology, 2017 is a year 1. This correlates with the Major Arcanas – Fool, Magician & Sun. The fool symbolises a new beginning, fresh start, taking a bold care-free step forward in your journey and more spontaneity. The Magician symbolises manifestation of your will and intent in the material world.

Fool & Magician - Rider Waite Smith
Fool & Magician – Rider Waite Smith

The Sun  is a reminder that ‘hope springs eternal’. It is the vital force within us that feels joy, happiness, accomplishment.


The Aces also weigh in in the interpretation of a Universal Year 1 as all Aces are 1s. These are powerful propelling forces of innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, individualism, creation, breakthroughs.

4 Aces - Morgan Greer Tarot
4 Aces – Morgan Greer Tarot

It is important to be aware of these gifts that are available to optimise opportunities. There is always the risk of misusing opportunities for tyrannical selfish gain. This can also be a brute force, if unrestrained,  can cause chaos, upheaval and challenges.

In order to calculate your personal year, you can reduce your date of birth to a single digit by adding up all the numbers and adding  one to it. The final number will give you a better understanding of how this year will influence you in numerology.

You can refer to my previous numerology blog for more information.

The Week Ahead

Page of Swords - Tarot of Trees
Page of Swords – Tarot of Trees

A card that embraces new ideas and curiosity. There is still much to learn. Pace yourself this week. Keep your eye on the ball. Although there is a certain momentum to act, be mindful that all the information is not yet at your disposal. Open your mind up to being the observer and the student. Demonstrate maturity. Ignore gossip. There is a overwhelming environmental message to Protect and Conserve Mother Nature.

You can find out what 2017 holds for you by contacting me for a tarot reading. Knowing is Power.

Wishing you a great week.

Your in Tarot

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The Week Ahead : 14 – 20 November 2016

Tarot and Elemental Dignities

Excerpt from Mary Greer

1) Cards are “Strong” when the suits/elements are the same; they are “very strong for either good or evil, according to their nature.”

In other words, two swords cards are like-minded and egg each other on. They can greatly increase either the good or ill in each (depending on their individual meanings).

2) When the suits/elements are both masculine/active or feminine/passive, they are “moderately strong because they are friendly to each other.” [Fire+Air; Water+Earth.]

They increase the power and strength of the other, but whether this is good or bad depends on the specific cards.

3) When the suits/elements complement each other, they are “somewhat friendly” (also called neutral). [Fire+Earth; Air+Water.]

They show relatively ineffectual interactions. (Personally, I like to think of them as irritants that can be mildly correctional and therapeutic to each other but without great impact as to whether they strengthen or weaken the other.)

4) When the cards are of contrary elements they tend to “weaken each other greatly for good or evil, and neutralize [cancel out] their force.” They are sometimes referred to as enemies or ill-dignified. [Fire+Water; Air+Earth.]

In practice, Mathers often cancelled out the effect of cards with contrary elements. He simply did not read PAIRS that were of contrary elements!! (They could not co-exist in the same room so BOTH would leave.)

In TRIADS, if the two cards flanking a central one were contrary to each other, he simply didn’t read those flanking cards but, instead, concentrated on the center card as if it were alone.

However: “If the contrary element is only in one flanking card, then the other becomes a connecting card so that the first [center] is not weakened, but is modified by the influence of both cards and is, therefore, fairly strong.” In other words, the center card overcomes the neutralizing force of its contrary flanking card through the support of the flanking card that is more ‘friendly’ to it – for good or ill.

If both flanking cards are contrary to the center one then they dominate it completely; the effects of the central card become extremely weak.

Tarot Card of the Week

Eight of Pentacles




This card indicates ambition, determination, learning, focus, studying.

At this time of the year, one may be exhausted but there’s just the last stretch before the holidays. So focus, keep building, reflect, learn, finish what you are doing so that when you get back in the new year, feeling refreshed and energised, you can keep going forward rather than returning to unfinished business. You are a master at your craft, distinguish yourself. Keep your energy up. Do not settle for half measures.

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Temperance means moderation, this card embodies all things relating to moderation.

Temperance represents balance, harmony, prioritising, cooperation,and synthesis between two opposites.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 7 – 13 November 2016

Tarot and Daily Readings

One of the easiest ways to learn and practice tarot is daily readings for yourself. There are a number of online resources, books and courses that can teach you the basic meanings of cards including this weekly blog.

It is important to learn the basic card meanings to understand points of reference although reading intuitively is definitely encouraged. The more you practice the easier the intuitive flow. The more you expose yourself to the educational material from the different tarot experts, the richer your range of tools and methods in interpreting tarot.

Tarot Card of the Week

Queen of Pentacles




 The Queen of Pentacles is also known as Earth Mother. This card appeals to you to be grounded and down-to-earth.

She has a green thumb and everything she touches flourishes. It may be an indication that you need to reconnect with nature.

She is a nurturing figure to her children. She prioritises her family above all else.

She is also is symbol of success in business. She is an entrepreneur. She also points to staying healthy through healthy eating and exercise.


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The Death Card often makes people quite nervous and anxious but it very rarely points to an actual death. This card depicts transition, transformation and change. It is natural shift from the old to the new.

What major change is sweeping through your life?

What new opportunities should you be embracing?

Are you resisting change? What do you lose? What do you gain?

 These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 24 – 30 October 2016

Tarot and Responsibility

Tarot is a powerful tool for guidance and self-development towards reaching our highest potential. Any card one pulls from the deck is the right card at the time because it works on the basis of synchronicity and synchro-destiny.

It is important for the both the tarot reader and querrent/client to understand that all readings are subject to timing and context. As things are always in a state of flux, one needs to act on the possibilities that exist at any given time. Some people do nothing in response to their readings and wonder why things do not change for them.

We are not spectators in our lives. Therefore every action we take or don’t take will take us closer or further away from where we want to be.

There are ofcourse instances where the cards will advise that timing for action is not ideal.

It is important to be responsive to readings and mindful of our own responsibility in change. The best tarot readers are often held responsible for the client’s inaction. Always ask your tarot readers what action you can take to move towards your goal.
Tarot Card of the Week

Ace of Swords




The sword of truth is the guidance for the week. It denotes power, breakthroughs, gaining clarity; a brilliant idea; justice; mental strength and divine inspiration. You may have an ace up your sleeve.

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 Hanged Man



The Hanged Man represents a time out, life suspended and in waiting. It represents needing to let go of the need to act and do something and simply go with the flow of things. You may need to rethink your perspective on the matter. Let a higher power take care of it right now or consider alternate options. It is not time for you to act immediately. Sacrifice is an important concept in this card, mostly self-sacrifice for another, giving something up to gain something greater.


These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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The Week Ahead : 17 – 23 October 2016

The past week simply ran away from me with work traveling. I hope you will indulge my sincere apology for missing last week’s blog.

I do my level best to stay on top of the weekly blog but sometimes the juggling is overwhelming.  All one can do is find the next gap to jump back on it.

I truly love this blog. I love Tarot. I love enabling people through this journey of self-development.

This week I write with a heavy heart in reaction to what is happening in South African politics. I hope that we will weather this storm and come through this period stronger and resilient.

Tarot and the Environment

The weather is a mirror of the mood and mindset. I’d like to thank the Tarot School for the interpretations below of Climate, Weather and Atmosphere in Tarot:

Blizzard: Disturbance to natural state. Internal conflict. Blocked energy. Feeling threatened or battered. Isolation.

Snow: Hardships. Snow forces things to slow down. Coldness and frigidity. The whiteness of snow can be purifying. Depending on individual reaction to snow, it can be harsh or relaxing. For instance, warming up and snuggling when it snows outside or dreading the bitter winter months.

Rain: Emotions that take away from happiness. Tears, sadness or an emotional release. Fertility, condensation or purification. In the 3 of Swords the rain refers to the astrological attributes of Saturn.

Wind/Windy: The wind is air in its active and violent aspects. Being symbolic of the intellect, windy conditions can signify a surge of ideas and literally brainstorming. The wind has  power that can be felt but not seen and connects us to the presence of the divine. In a reading, the wind can signify a message from the spiritual realm.

Clouds: When a card that has clouds appears in a spread, it is helpful to consider the type of cloud shown in the illustration. Patchy clouds with light or sun rays shining through often can mean the passing of breakthrough in situations. Clouds can be thick and hide the divinity present in all things. Bright clouds can be seen as uplifting while dark clouds spell trouble or delays.

Lightning: An aspect of the element of fire, lightning can be life-changing in both positive and negative ways. A sudden illumination or a flash of inspiration demonstrates how fast lightning works. Certain urges and drives like sexual frustration can be shown by the display of lightning. In mythology, Jupiter’s three thunderbolts represented chance, destiny andprovidence. What are the chances of being hit by lightning?

Mountain/ Mountain Peaks: Mountains bring a huge awareness into life situations. Man has long tried to climb and conquer the highest mountains that can represent the realm of God. The mountains are a place of higher consciousness and communion with the Highest Self. A mountain can signify a unique event. Mountains can be a symbol of challenge or a symbol of isolation.

Seas/Oceans:  The element of water is illustrated in many different scenarios in tarot. Although there are specific astrological and esoteric meanings for water, in a reading take into consideration whether the water is still, waving, rolling, etc.

Does the water look survivable? Does it go to or from somewhere else?

A large body of water such as a sea or ocean signifies a confrontation with something new and unfamiliar. It calls to mind an infinite collective unconscious in which we all have a part. The sea gives us a boundary yet calls us to independence. Several cards have the sea depicted with some sort of boundary in the form of a wall, shore or landscape.

Rainbows: The rainbow is a very old means of communication between god and man. It is a message from the divine that lets us know of the good that is coming. Rainbows are a symbol of crossing from one phase of life or an experience to another. Although generally positive in a reading, it must be noted that rainbows are optical illusions and we could be only seeing what we want to see or only a part of the story.

Sunny/Sunshine: Radiance, warmth and vitality.  The connection to the sun is often represented by  the colours yellow and orange. It symbolizes a new start and a greater awareness of Self. In a reading, a sunny day depicts happiness, pleasure and generally positive outlooks.

Tarot Card of the Week

Knight of Cups


The Knight of the Cups is a call to take action in your emotional life. It often represents an invitation or the arrival of someone or something with an emotional benefit. This card asks you to be open to receive a new experience. The Knight of Cups can also represent wisdom and insight that comes from your dreams or intuition. You are asked to focus on the intangible soft aspects of the Self.

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The Hermit shows the way to wisdom. It is a healing card. It indicates a time of introspection. Transcend using the lessons learnt.

You will be called on to lead with your light.

These are basic card meanings. Please share your own interpretations. I would love to hear your thoughts.

 Have a fabulous week.

Take care


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