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I’m Simmi and I’m 3rd generation South African. My grandparents arrived in South Africa as indentured labourers.

I come from humble beginnings and am committed to empowerment, development and sustainability. I’ve been in the human rights and public development sector for more than 20 years.

I’m a serial learner. My formal qualifications include Masters in Literature and Languages, Drama (Honours), B.A (Arts), Public and Development Management, Project Management, Pubic Relations…the list goes on…. There is no end to education on all levels.

Yoga and meditation has been  a part of my daily practice for the past 17 years. It helps to stay woke and connected with what is REAL.

I am claircognisant, which means I have the gift of clear knowing. I’m  an intuitive tarot and lenormand reader. I am a Universal Empath,  as the readings and messages appeal to all belief systems, cultures and traditions. I have a global clientele.

I do telephonic, skype and email readings  part-time and only after hours to cater for working professionals. Face to face readings are arranged where convenient.

My mission is to help you find your best  answers to reach your next level.  My approach is fun, gentle, practical and action-oriented.  I am committed to giving you a respectful and quality  service. I will always tell you the truth for your highest best. The rest is in your court. TRUST yourself!

All readings are confidential.

Life changes all the time. You need to flow with it.  Tarot gives you the confidence to make informed choices for your best life.

My free services include the #Weekly Tarot Gauge on my blog, daily tarot readings on my whatsApp updates and the tarot lessons on my youtube channel : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvUfPfa_y85lW4aFu8c8Utg

Please note that I do not do health, legal or third party readings. Tarot is not a substitute for psychological, medical or legal expertise.

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