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It’s  simple.  Tarot works. It serves your highest best.

The Universal Empath is a featured tarot reader in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

I Had My First Tarot Card Reading and This Is What Every Newbie to the Practice Should Know

The words psychic, clairvoyant, fortune tellers, oracle  and the like, get bandied around as one concept for truth telling. I am a Tarot Professional and  am here to  to help you optimise your journey. We have as much access to the future as we do to the past. We can change the outcome.


Sacred India Tarot
Sacred India Tarot

What is Tarot?

  • Tarot is a multicultural visual language system.
  • Tarot is a mirror.
  • Tarot is an intuitive compass. Tarot acts as a roadmap.
  • Tarot empowers you to make better choices.
  • Tarot helps you to find your truth, clarity and insight.
  • Tarot supports your transformation
  • Tarot strengthens your intuition.

How does Tarot Work?

I am often asked ‘how does it work?’

The simple answer is intuition. Intuition is an intelligence that is beyond the rational mind. It is contextual, relational, and holistic. It is the voice of the inner teacher or higher self. The key is to be open to and trust  intuition.  It can be a feeling or a knowing.  It is important to act on it.

The tarot deck is shuffled with the question in mind. The tarot reader may use tarot spreads with positional  or non-positional meanings.  Tarot readings are an interaction between the knowledge of the card meanings and a gut feel for the context.

Look at examples of readings on my youtube channel below:



Ethics in Tarot

  • The wellbeing of the client comes first.
  • NEVER predict death, disease, disaster and divorce…the 4-D’s!
  •  All conversations remain confidential.
  • The reading is for the questioner. Readings cannot be done for a third party who is not a part of the interaction.

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