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Why Tarot?

It’s  simple.  It works and it helps people. It serves your highest best.That’s the long and short of it.

Since time immemorial, most cultures and religions of the world have practiced different forms of the Divination Arts for clarity-seeking.

rider waite
rider waite

They have consulted either the Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, Astrology, Numerology or the Bones to be advised and guided on  situations of personal, professional or national importance.

Everyone has spiritual gifts or intuitive abilities. When we act in unison with our highest purpose, we are able to move closer to our authentic path.

Archangel Tarot
Archangel Tarot

I am a Tarot Professional and I am here to  to help you optimise your journey with the infomation available. We have as much access to the future as we do to the past. We can change the outcome.

Sacred India Tarot
Sacred India Tarot

What is Tarot?

  • Tarot is a multicultural visual language system that is based on concepts, pictures and symbols that are over 600 hundred years old.
  • Tarot is a tool to help you connect with your higher self.
  • The reading is a reflection of a part of your life’s journey. Tarot is a mirror.
  • Tarot is an intuitive compass that enables you to look at your options and possible outcomes.
  • Tarot is art. It is interpreted by observers that analyses the impetus behind a masterpiece vs. how it makes you feel. It is important to see both sides.
  • The essence of the reading is the Interpretation which is both Knowledge + Intuition.
  • Tarot is a powerful tool used in life coaching. It enables you to reach your highest potential.
  • Tarot empowers you to make better choices.
  • Tarot helps you to find your truth. It provides clarity and insight.
  • Tarot supports you in manifesting your big goals and dreams. You create your future.
  • Tarot is your teacher and guide. It provides answers.
  • Tarot acts as a roadmap.
  • Tarot gives you strength and courage.
  • Tarot reminds you that all the answers are within.
  • Tarot supports your transformation
  • Tarot reveals all and shatters limiting beliefs.
  • Tarot strengthens your intuition.
  • The Tarot cards have no power over you. You are in control. They can influence your decisions if you resonate with key messages. The magic is in you not the cards.
Cultural Revolution Tarot
Cultural Revolution Tarot

What Tarot is not?

    • Tarot is not a story of doom and gloom told to you by a creepy old lady in a dimmed room.
    • Tarot is not static or set in stone.
    • Tarot is not evil.
    • It is not fortune telling.
    • Tarot is not the use cards to identify “curses” or “bad energy” and then charge a fee to remove these ‘curses’ or ‘bad energy’.
    • Tarot is not a substitute for professional medical or legal expertise.
African Tarot
African Tarot

How does Tarot Work?

I am often asked ‘how does it work?’

The simple answer is intuition. Intuition is an intelligence that is beyond the rational mind. It is contextual, relational, and holistic. It is the voice of the inner teacher or higher self. The key is to be open to and trust  intuition.  It can be a feeling or a knowing.  It is important to act on it.

The tarot deck is shuffled with the question in mind. The tarot reader may use tarot spreads with positional  or non-positional meanings.  Tarot readings are an interaction between the knowledge of the card meanings and a gut feel for the context.


Ethics in Tarot

  • The wellbeing of the client comes first.
  • Do not read on the same question for the same person more than once a month. Matters develop over time.
  • NEVER predict death, disease, disaster and divorce…the 4-D’s!
  • Respect the client’s privacy. All conversations remain confidential.
  • The reading is for the questioner. Readings cannot be done for a third party who is not a part of the interaction.

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